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Deva Oksana Khalsa

Sat Siri Akal !

I am Deva Oksana Khalsa. I am a Ukrainian Artist. I studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts & Architecture and the Dutch School of Photography. Architecture, as a form of art, has always inspired and uplifted me.  


We are all guests on this earth, for only a short time, but architectural structures and works of art, can inspire for thousands of years. 

I have traveled a certain classical path as an artist, painting the Dutch masters, working with materials of all kinds and mastering old and new techniques.   Now in my 40's I have been inspired to paint the holy places of different faiths.  With each painting that I make, I research the history of the holy place and try to learn about it as much as I can.


The Golden Temple in Amritsar is a magical, transformative, and inspiring place.  I listened to the Gurus Mantras, Shabads, and Kirtan of the Golden Temple while painting these pieces.​  Each stroke in my paintings is embedded with the meditative and spiritual music of this special energy.

A little about me

I had the great honor to be invited to exhibit in St Petersburg Collection Creation by Theo and Sarah Faberge in Belgium 2006-2007. In 2012 I started working with colored glass and fell in love with the energy that light and glass can create in sculpture. I bake and shape my own glass and have developed my own technique, "Deva Oksana Glass".  Each piece is a one of a kind.  No duplicates or replicas.

As a photographer I was honored to create a photo exhibit in Rotterdam, Netherlands to increase public awareness about Female Genital Mutilation (FMG).

I am an entrepreneur and co-founder of a non-profit charity foundation ART 4 MISSION.  The foundation supports children and adults who have limited abilities.  I truly believe that all living things are connected and true happiness comes from serving and uplifting others.  The proceeds of my artwork is donated to support the foundation.  To learn more about what we do, visit

Through my art, I hope to cultivate an inspiration and total joy in everyone.


Deva Oksana

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